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Mongolian tours

  • Mazaalai Tour
    Gobi bear is included Mongolian red book more rarely, to hold destroyed and only to liveMongolian gobi, desert. Gobi bear is assimilable quickness fast active, blunt chunky nails, forest bear than body is small, palish greyness hair, small...
    From: $0
  • Western Mongolia Highlights Tour
    Western Mongolian area is pristine nature, mountainous and fertile pastures , gobi desert coupled beautiful nature, many nationality`s special ordinance, history, culture monuments to appeal. Western Mongolian nationality`s meet elaboratio...
    From: $2045
  • Khagiin khar nuur horseback trip
    This is horse riding trip from one end of the Terelj River range to the following the Highline Trail, which is the highest and closest trail to the Continental Khan Khentii Mountain Range. Our destination is a small lake known as Khagiin Kh...
    From: $897