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Beauty of Mongolia
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TOUR COST: From $1988- $3591     TOUR CODE: MG101

Beauty of Mongolia tour gives chance to explore most highlighted destinations such as Eagle valley, Singing dune, ancient capital Kharkhorum, Deep blue Khuvsgul Lake and Amarbayasgalant Monastery in the country. Traveling along Gobi desert, central vast steppe, and northern mountains, experiencing nomadic culture will be fabulous memory of your life.
Duration: 20
Starting time: 2018
Availability: Season: end of May – mit September

Category&Level:  Eco & Nomadic Tours in Mongolia               / Moderate level/

Places to visit: Baga gazriin chuluu – Tsagaan suvarga – Yoliin am – Khongoriin els – Bayanzag – Ongiin hiid – Kharkhorin – Erdene Zuu – Tuvhun hiid – Ulaan tsutgalan – Tsenher Hot mineral water – Khorgo terhiin tsagaan nuur – Shine ider- Zuun lake – Khuvsgul – Uran Uul – Amarbayasgalant Monastery

Activities: Ride a horse or camel, make a motorboat tour, to visit seightseeing place, to visit a nomadic family, to taste mongolian traditional food and beverage,  hiking, to see folklore Concert,

Covering distance: 3315 km

Duration: 20 days, 19 nights

Number of participants: Min – 3, max -  21


Day 1

Ulaanbaatar  Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. After checking in hotel, enjoy a day in city visiting to Zaisan Hill, nearby Buddha garden, Sukhbaatar square and National history museum. We make a big lunch.   Overnight in hotel.                                                                                                                                       /B.L/

Day  2

Ulaanbaatar-Baga gazariin chuluu  Travel to Baga Gazariin Chuluu. This area of granite surrounded by flat plains is located 1768m above sea level covering 300 sq km area. Around the mountain pass and valley one can see considerable number of ancient graves, khirigsuurs, petroglyphs and monuments besides many gushing springs. Overnight in ger camp                                                                                                 /B.L.D/

Day 3

Baga gazariin chuluu – Tsagaan Suvarga  White Stupa was formed over time due to the erosion of a sedimentary mud in the sea bottom and looks like a stupa from far distance. From far east it looks like a city ruin or a settlement. But, from west it looks like a flat steppe.       Overnight in tent.                   /B.L.D/

Day 4

Tsagaan Suvarga  - Yoliin am  Yoliin Am. This mountain gorge took the name of Yol bird which lives around the area. Yol means a bearded vulture in Mongolian. This mountain valley has 40km-long canyon containing a small area of frozen snow melt at the far end. Originally, the area used to be a frozen-like throughout a whole year, but due to the global warming most of the frozen area have been melting recent years. Overnight in tent.                                               /B.L.D/

Day 5

Yoliin Am-Khongor Sand  Dune After breakfast we will drive to Khongor Sand Dune am via Dungenee Canyon. The sand dune creates the largest accumulation of sand in the Gobi thanks to which Umnugobi province where it is located won nomination of the Best Adventure 2008 Destinations by the National Geographic Adventure Magazine. Overnight in ger camp


 Day 6

Khongor Sand  Dune Free Day . Khongoriin Els is a sand dune which stretches about 100 km and reaches as high as 800 m.Today we will ride a camel and hiking to sand dunes. Hundreds of sand dunes will be appeared from top of the Khongoryn Els.                                                                               /B.L.D/

Day 7

Khongor Sand  Dune – Bayanzag  Bayanzag (Flaming Cliffs). With blazing red sandstone cliffs and plunging canyons this part of the desert looks like something from another world, especially striking at sunset. Bayanzag was made famous when in 1922 American paleontologist and traveler Roy Chapman Andrews discovered the first nest of dinosaur eggs the world had ever seen. The complete dinosaur skeleton displayed at the natural history museum in Ulaanbaatar was found here. This part of the Gobi is considered a palaeontologist’s paradise because dinosaur fossils can be found so easily close to the surface. Even the amateur eye can easily spot dinosaur fossils when taking a hike through the canyon. Overnight in tent                              /B.L.D/

Day 8

Bayanzag  /Flamming Cliffs/-Ongiin hiid Travel to Ongi temple, we will make our lunch at the way It is the ruin of a big monastery on the bank of the Ongiin River. This monastery has 28 temples and other buildings on the south slope of the Rocky Mountain like Balsa country and stupas which are not broken. This monastery had about 1000 lamas and it was destroyed during the Stalinist purges in 1930s.The ruins of Ongi Temple are found in Saikhan Ovoo soum of Dundgobi (Middle Gobi) province. It used to be a big Buddhist monastery compound built by Bari Yonzon Khamba Lamaist bishop at the Ongi river, a river that takes source from the Khangai Mountain range in Ovorkhangai Aimag (Province) and flows into the Ulaan Nuur Lake of Gobi. The monastery was built on a steep rocky slope of a mountain in a Nepalese architectural fashion and used to house over a thousand of Buddhist monks. Unfortunately, the Ongi Temple had the same fate of destruction during the communist purges of 1930s as other 700 Buddhist monasteries in Mongolia. We will stay here in tent.              /B.L.D/

Day 9

Оngiin hiid-Kharkhorin  Today’s destination is Karakorum. History of the Mongols has always been proved by a history of other countries and this Karakorum city became famous and well-known worldwide thanks to accounts of celebrated explorers. We will visit here Erdene Zuu monastery. The monastery of Erdene Zuu is a focal point in the history and culture of the Mongol people.Besides paintings, ornaments and embroideries dating from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries, it houses a whole library of rare manuscripts and wood-block printed editions.Stay overnight in ger camp.                                /B.L.D/

Day 10

Kharkhorin –Tuvkhen Monastery  After breakfast drive to Tuvkhun Monastery. On the peak of the Undur shireet with 2312 meters high, this locates in boundary of Arkhangai and Uvurkhangai aimags. It was erected by Zanabazar (1st Bogd Gegen in Mongolia) in 1654 on the smooth grand of the south slope of steep rock with 20 meters high has 14 small temples. He created his famous script "Soyombo" there in 1680. We will here hiking.

Stay overnight in tent.                               /B.L.D/

Day 11

Tuvkhen Monastery  -Ulaantsutgalan  This valley is known as the cradle of Mongolian civilization as many of Mongolia’s ancient monuments lie within its borders. It is a waterfall on the Ulaan River that cascades from an impressive height of 20 meters, and it extends for 100 meters from the Orkhon River. The Orkhon Waterfall marks the halfway point of the Orkhon River, the longest River in Mongolia.    Stay overnight in tent.                                               /B.L.D/

Day 12

Ulaantsutgalan - Tsenkher hot spring. Continue our journey to Tsenkher hot spring, where the water flows out of the ground at a sizzling 89’C (192.2F).  We will relax here hot mineral spring.  Stay overnight in ger camp.                                               /B.L.D/

Day 13

Tsenkher hot spring –Khorgo National Park. Travel to extinct volcano Khorgo national park, on the way we will visit to picturesque river Chuluut and Thaikhar rock. Today’s last destination is Terkhiin tsagaan Lake, 20km long which was formed by a dam Of lava flows from volcanic eruption. Stay overnight in ger camp.            /B.L.D/

Day 14

Khorgo-Shine Ider Zuun Lake  After  early breakfast drive to Shine- Ider soum in Khuvsgul province. We will reach the lake Zuun.       Stay overnight in tent.                                       /B.L.D/

Day 15

Zuun Lake-Khuvsgul Lake  This morning we will drive to Khuvsgul lake. Lake Khuvsgul is Mongolia’s largest lake and the largest Tributary stream of lake Baikal in neighbouring Siberia. Overnight in tent /B.L.D/

Day 16

Khuvsgul Lake  Today we will stay here. Here is an opportunity to ride a horse, fish and sail by motorboat. By motorboat we will drive to “Husliin had” and make a lake tour.     Overnight in ger camp      /B.L.D/

Day 17

Khuvsgul-Uran Mountain Today’s destination Uran Mountain via Murun, center of Khuvsgul province. We will visit a famous site of deer stones in Uushig. After arrival in Uran Mountain we can go hiking and trekking nearby beauty volcano Mountain Uran. Stay overnight in tent                             /B.L.D/

Day 18

Uran Mountain –Аmarbasgalant Monastry We continue our journey to Amarbayasgalant Monastery. The biggest Buddhist center in Northern Mongolia which was built 1736 by the order of the King of Qin Dynasty. Amarbayasgalant Monastery is one of the favorite destinations for visitors. Stay overnight in ger camp  /B.L.D/

Day 19

Аmarbasgalant Monastry –UB After breakfast we will travel back to Ulaanbaatar. Once we arrive in Ulaanabaatar we can go shopping for souvenirs and cashmere is optional. We will have farewell dinner at local restaurant. We will see national Folklore Concert  “Tumen Ekh Enemble” Overnight in hotel.            /B.L.D/

Day 20

After breakfast we will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the airport.                /B.D/


USD 3591 /2-3pax/
USD 2360 /4-7pax/
USD 2315 /8-14pax/ 

USD 1988 /15-21pax/ 



  • All activities described in the itinerary
  • stay Ger camp (9 nights) tent (8) in countryside
  • hotel stay (2 nights) in Ulaanbaatar
  • Concert  of Tumen Ekh ensemble
  • English speaking guide service /korean, german, japanese speaking guide/
  • sightseeing cost and entrance fee to Protected Area
  • all transfers by bus in the city and by 4WD Russian minivan in the countryside
  • Boat or motorboat
  • 1 Hour ride a horse or camel
  • Meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • 1 bottle water per day


  • International transportation to and from Mongolia
  • travel insurance
  •  mineral (bottled) water and alcoholic drinks
  • tips and gratuities
  • laundry and items of a personal nature

• International flight and train tickets would be arranged due to the clients' requests and wishes with our pleasures.
• Private departures are available on request.


5 Year children of family trip one free
One free space for every 16 pax
Low season discount: 5-10% (May, September)
Please contact us for more discounts and trip details.

Starting time: 2018 One person $3591 USA Availability: Season: end of May – mit September
Two person $2360 USA
Three person $2315 USA
Four or more people $1988 USA

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