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Population:              3,092,831 as of Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Area:                        1,566,00 sq km( 610,740 sq mi)

People:                    Khalkha Mongols(86%), Kazaks(6%), about a dozen other Mongolian

                                  ethnic groups.

Regions:                  21 Aimags (provinces)

Capital:                    Ulaanbaatar

Language:                Mongolian, Kazakh, Russian, Chinese, English is widely spoken in the


Religions:                Tiberan Buddhism, Muslim, Christian and Shamanism

Climate:                    Average summer temperature is +20’C,  average winter temperature is

-26’ C, and rainfall  200-220mm. Winter lasts from November to late April,   Spring from May to June, Summer from July through September and     Autumn September to November

Government:             Parliamentary with a president elected every 4 years.

Presidend:               BATTULGA Khaltmaa

Time:                         GMT+8

National currency:   Tugrik (MNT)

Main entry points:    Chinggis Khaan (airport in Ulaanbaatar), Sukhbaatar (railway station on

Mongolian-Russian border) and Zamiin Uud (Railway station on          Mongolian-Chinese border)


Electric current:       220 volts/50HZ

Published: 2017-11-15 11:30:35