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Since 2013 our company began our tourist information agent.  Has swiftly moved into the tourism sector, to involve contribution following future development of own country, always to seek for colorful ideas to attract travelers and  to develop our marketing , in order to become a leading tour company.

2013 year our regarding was very feature year. We made-up our team and inner communication culture of our organization. We have been provided information to buy trip and to unite the services on contract of the tourist camps,  chosen  information what is nice to see, where to travel is better.

An interest of us is directed to  comfortably tourism to elucidate manner structure, ancient traditional history, to introduce advertisement culture values, and service hotel, tourist camp, so  you feel pleasant traveling, natural scene of the Mongolian country.

Further we will to intend run up more unforgettable trips. It will be our pleasure working with you.         

Thank you Best regards,

General Director:  /Altanhuyag.Z/

Published: 2017-10-17 10:55:28